MediCoach medical training

Working with medical centres to deliver best practice
health outcomes and optimise income

What we do


In Clinic Training

MediCoach works in GP clinics across Australia to train Team Care Co-ordinators to be effective managers, engage “high risk” patients and create patient centred care plans.



Presenting at National Conventions to Specialists, GPs, Nurses, patients with "real life" clinical context.
GPCE; APNA; Rheumatology Convention; Private Health Insurance Funds.


Content Writing

Relatable, evidence based education content written from extensive experience and "real life" clinical experience.
Supported and Mentored by the Wellcoaches USA team and IOC to deliver you the most up to date research from across the globe.

In clinic training
helps better outcomes by

MediCoach medical kit

  • Reducing fraud risk
  • Providing a systematic framework to ensure effective and timely management of patients
  • Developing long-term vision for your practice, client outcomes and financial opportunities

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