Working with medical centres to deliver best practice health outcomes and optimise income

In Clinic Training

Implementing an Effective Chronic Disease and Preventative Health Promotion Clinic (a two-day MediCoach workshop)

How your medical centre can boost health outcomes (and make more money) with a streamlined approach.

Give your community what they know they need

We live in an information age. More than ever, clients understand that lifestyle and behavior changes influence their health outcomes. They're demanding services they know they need and nowhere is better placed to deliver those services than your clinic.

This in-house MediCoach workshop targets an efficient framework for funding and delivery of those services within a chronic disease and preventative health promotion clinic. Your nurses will gain the skills and tools they need to implement a streamlined, revenue-strong program.

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We'll show you:

  • How every GP in your clinic can potentially earn an extra $45,000 per year
  • 20-plus client-centred health promotion programs that follow RACGP best practice guidelines, and which you can start providing and claiming for now
  • How to use a Team Care Coordinator and skilled nurses to get the best outcomes
  • How to recruit, engage and retain clients in programs
  • How to link clients to allied health members to facilitate robust health outcomes
  • How to provide engagement that will keep clients out of the GP office and in efficient programs that allow them to strategise their health challenges in a supported environment
  • How to deliver programs that will have clients raving about your clinic, and confident about returning again and again
  • How a team-based approach will give your staff greater satisfaction.

Workshop features:

  • Pre-implementation training with PEN clinical audit tool collection to identify clients – you'll learn why data cleaning is as much about generating revenue and health outcomes as it is about compliance
  • Comprehensive in-house training for key team members for two days
  • Intensive training on documents and systems implementation
  • Provision of training manuals and templates, ready to implement

From here:

You and your staff will have the resources you need to implement an effective chronic disease and preventative health promotion program in your clinic.

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To find out more about your clinic's potential or to book a workshop, contact:
Kim Poyner / Medicoach
Ph: 0408 174 231

About MediCoach

MediCoach is a training enterprise dedicated to helping health care teams provide better health outcomes (and generate more revenue) through effective care planning. We deliver targeted in-house training that works. We partner closely with teams to help implement innovative and proven frameworks that are team-based and client-centred.

About Kim Poyner

kim for pkgKim is founder of MediCoach, winner of the 2015 APNA Best Practice Award in Nursing for Chronic Disease Management, and now nominee for Hesta Nurse of the Year. Kim has been invited to work with the World Health Organisation on obesity prevention workshops. She presents at national conferences and Primary Health Networks on developing sustainable frameworks to decrease financial health burdens.

Kim is a Certified Wellcoach Graduate, a consulting health & wellness coach, and draws on 11 years as an Intensive Care Nurse. A Team Care Coordinator at a large medical centre on Victoria's Surf Coast Kim has implemented a framework that's seen care planning revenue increase ten-fold.

"Most people know what they need to do to change, they just want someone to walk alongside them, be their champion for change, and listen to what they are saying." Kim Poyner

"Ultimately, it is such highly skilled professionals like Kim who will lead to far greater control of our growing chronic disease management area. This results in fitter patients managed substantially in the primary health setting, which will significantly save the health budget millions of dollars." Dr Tim Denton MBBS GAICD, Chair Barwon Medicare Local

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