Change Management

Thinking about making some organisational changes? This course will provide you with the skills and strategies to support you and your people to make effective and positive sustained changes. Whether you need to make rapid changes or are thinking of the long game, this course has you covered.

Strength to Strength

This is a six module course which provides you with tools to understand how to build and maintain resilience, hope, optimism, efficacy and a growth mindset in the face of challenge and change

Engaging, Planning and Coaching with your clients via Telehealth

Rapid Change Management has occurred during COVID 19, causing disruption to our usual Chronic Disease Management consultation processes.   A telehealth innovative model of service delivery has emerged, enabling us to virtually engage our clients in chronic disease patient centred care. This module will provide you with the skills and workflows to efficiently and effectively deliver high value and quality care to your clients.

Learning Objectives:-

  • Discuss Impacts and considerations to Telehealth care planning
  • Understand how to create engagement and effectively communicate virtually
  • Framing the Consultation
    •  Setting the consultation agenda
    • Implementing COVID considerations to prevention and screening activities
    • Coaching your clients through SNAP discussions
    • Disease Prevention and screen questions
  • Creating self-management agreed goals the SMART way
    • Understanding a client’s readiness to change


Downloadable resources

  • Detailed model of Telehealth chronic disease management workflow
    Inclusive of skills, roles and activities in a swimlane format
  • Powerful inquires resources

Demonstration videos on how to provide a telecoaching care planning; review and nursing video call

Catalysing Change in your Business

Quality Improvement Initatives are essential for organisational growth. How do you bring the team members along the change trajectory with simple coaching techniques and strategies. This module will provide you with understanding a team members readiness to change and the coaching strategies you can utilise to effect change in a realistic and practical way. You will also be provided with a visual tool to assist and a demonstration video to provide you with the guidance on how assist you to determine areas of quality improvement, strengths, readiness to change in one simple visual tool