PDSA PIP QI x 10 resources

A tiered PDSA approach to the PIPQI measures. These 10 measures are easy to follow and provide guidance and ideas for practices to guide their PIPQI activities.


Care Co-ordination

Effective care coordination requires a strong team structure with clearly defined roles. The model provides more flexibility
for practices to use their staff more efficiently, taking the fullest advantage of their skillset and qualifications


Engaging, Planning and Coaching with your clients via Telehealth

A telehealth innovative model of service delivery has emerged, enabling us to virtually engage our clients in chronic disease patient centred care. This module will provide you with the skills and workflows to efficiently and effectively deliver high value and quality care to your clients.


Strength to Strength

This is a six module course which provides you with tools to understand how to build and maintain resilience, hope, optimism, efficacy and a growth mindset in the face of challenge and change


Change Management

Thinking about making some organisational changes? This course will provide you with the skills and strategies to support you and your people to make effective and positive sustained changes. Whether you need to make rapid changes or are thinking of the long game, this course has you covered.


Leveraging your team

Effective teamwork is an important aspect of any organisation's success. There are many benefits of teamwork, most notably, an increase in motivation from your employees. ... improved patient outcomes....To keep the teamwork fire going, you need to establish regular and open lines of communication and monitor how the group interacts.


Compassionate communication

Communicating to connect human to human with true empathy and no judgement, the heart and soul of the health care system. An effective communication is a proven hospital avoidance strategy and a consistent approach to delivering empathy during challenging times.


Swimlane Mapping

Streamlining Care; Creating Efficiencies to your workflow requires co-designing and inclusivity.


Catalysing Change in your Business

Quality Improvement Initatives are essential for organisational growth. How do you bring the team members along the change trajectory with simple coaching techniques and strategies.


MediCoach Care Planning Manual

Care planning manual for Best Practice users. Providing screenshots and resources to assist you to create the streamlined, efficient and successful care planning clinic.


Care Planning Resources

This bundle of resources comprise of an overall map of team roles and responsibilities alongside a Chronic Disease clinical audit spreadsheet and some Chronic Disease specific shortcuts to upload and start using straight away.


Patient Centred Care Planning

This session is designed to aid health professionals in reducing the administrative burden of care planning whilst remaining MBS compliant.


Behaviour Change Course

Included in this module is: Three Behaviour Change Modules, six simulated demonstration videos to support your learning and the practical coaching resources for you to utilise with your clients.


Behaviour Change Demonstration Videos

Six demonstration videos to provide you and your team with the practical application of coaching tools and skills, working with your clients in a effective time-based consultation.


MediCoach Coaching Wellbeing Planner

A sessional A5 patient workbook for coaching clients with coaching tools, sequencing steps, and literacy also provided in an electronic version for practitioner reference.


Coaching Resources

The practical tools, reference materials and resources to assist the delivery of effective coaching sessions.