Webinar Training

Webinar Topics:

Our interactive webinars offer you an efficient and cost-effective way to refine your knowledge. An experienced facilitator will guide you through the essentials, arming you with skills and insights that can be immediately applied. Explore the use of evidence-based online resources by participating in live or pre-recorded webinars.

We utilise a virtual platform to host multiple participants remotely, in an interactive and engaging format. Recorded to enhance your reflective practices and to encourage “teach back” to your colleagues. Virtual training also has access to a comprehensive library of evidence based demonstration and reference materials.

Engaging your patients

  • Establishing the therapeutic alliance
  • Identification of a clients agenda
  • Care planning and Health Assessment Strategies

Creating the motivation

  • Facilitating discussions to craft motives for sustained lifestyle and behavior change
  • Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic motivation
  • Connecting a client back to their drive and passion to cultivate change

Crafting agreed goals and accountability

  • SMART goal setting
  • Creating realistic goals with high confidence scores
  • Measuring progress, an appreciative goal review

Communication and collaboration across the team

  • Creating efficiencies in administration load of patient care
  • Communication of patient agreed goals for continuity of Care
  • Maximising your impact in every consult using open ended inquiries, reflections and listening skills

Case conferencing

  • Co ordination of Challenging or Complex patients
  • Navigating and Collaborating for hospital avoidance
  • Creating patient outcomes through trusting relationships

Motivational Interviewing

  • Tools and strategies to use with addictions and ambivalence
  • Working through resistance and dealing with pushback
  • Practical application of MI in the clinical setting

Assessing a patient’s readiness to change

  • Understanding a patient’s readiness
  • Practical skills and coaching strategies to utilise at each stage
  • Tools to assist patients through the transition and confidence to make changes

Providing different forms Health Literacy

  • Exploring importance of providing customised literacy
  • Effectiveness of Literacy and health promotional activities
  • “Teach back” techniques

Case study working through a difficult client scenario

  • Using industry relevant case studies we will utilise the coaching skills in a practical format
  • Participants will use Teach back technique to consolidate and embed the skills and techniques to other staff/attendees
  • Peer review learning opportunity

Health coaching 3-hour training

  • Role of coaching in behaviour change.
  • Implementing effective communication skills.
  • Setting SMART goals appropriate to a patient’s readiness to change.


To find out more about your clinic’s potential or to book a presentation, contact:

Kim Poyner / Medicoach

Ph: 0408 174 231

Email: kim@medicoach.com.au

About MediCoach

MediCoach is a training enterprise dedicated to helping health care teams provide better health outcomes (and generate more revenue) through effective care planning. We deliver targeted in-house training that works. We partner closely with teams to help implement innovative and proven frameworks that are team-based and client-centred.

About Kim Poyner

Kim Poyner has an extensive history working with medical centres and Primary Health Networks to train medical professionals in Behaviour change theory and Chronic disease management.

Kim was awarded the 2015 Australian Best Practice Nurse award in Chronic Disease Management and has successfully completed her NBME exams for international endorsement of her coaching qualifications. In addition, she is training Health Professionals across Australia in the Health Care home trial, readiness projects, and Quality Improvement strategies.

She regularly presents at National conferences as a key note speaker on Change Management, Teaming, Coaching, Chronic Disease management, Creating Efficiency in General Practice and Care Co-ordination. Through her business MediCoach Kim mentor’s nurses and organisations to achieve their best, ensuring they are resilient in the changing health landscape.